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Jeffrey G Ogden, M.D.

Board Certified Internal Medicine & Preventive Medicine Specialist located in Orem, UT

Childbirth, menopause, and hormonal fluctuations can take a toll on your health and wellness, leaving you feeling not quite like yourself. At Achieve Health, Jeffrey G. Ogden, MD offers MonaLisa TouchⓇ to women in and around Orem, Utah. This revolutionary system offers a painless way to improve your vaginal health and function. The changes that come with hormonal shifts might be natural, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them as inevitable. Schedule an appointment online or by calling the office, and begin exploring the possibilities offered through the MonaLisa Touch system.

MonaLisa Touch

What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is an innovative laser-treatment system that delivers fractional carbon-dioxide energy to treat the tissue in your vaginal walls. Treatment is completed with no need for anesthesia or a hospital visit.

During treatment, Dr. Ogden uses laser energy to create micro-abrasions in your vaginal walls. Your body responds by creating new blood vessels to repair those micro-injuries.

MonaLisa Touch is nearly painless, noninvasive, and has no side effects. That makes it a great option for women who want to restore normal vaginal function without invasive surgery or prescription drugs.

What conditions can MonaLisa Touch treat?

MonaLisa Touch improves vaginal health by stimulating your body to regenerate cells in your vaginal walls. That creates thicker, stronger vaginal walls and increased blood supply.

The procedure can improve conditions including:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful sex
  • Recurring infections
  • Incontinence
  • Vaginal laxity

According to Cynosure, the company that distributes the MonaLisa Touch system, more than 15,000 women have had the MonaLisa Touch procedure, and many reported immediate results.

Can MonaLisa Touch help me if I’ve had breast-cancer treatment?

Breast-cancer treatment sometimes includes a risk-reducing surgical removal of your ovaries. That triggers early menopause, and can lead to vaginal dryness as well as itching or burning sensations.

One treatment approach involves using vaginal creams or lubricants to sooth the area or reduce discomfort during sex. Estrogen supplementation can also be helpful, but women who’ve had breast cancer are not good candidates for estrogen therapy, as the hormone can stimulate cancer-cell growth. MonaLisa Touch offers these women a safe and lasting alternative.

Is MonaLisa Touch painful?

Treatments are fast and painless, and involve no special preparation or anesthetic. You might feel a sensation of warmth during the procedure, which lasts about five minutes. Most women have a series of three treatments spaced out over 18 months.

You’ll need to avoid vaginal sex for two to three days after a treatment. That allows your body’s natural healing process to work, creating new cells to thicken your vaginal walls.

MonaLisa Touch has been the subject of more than 18 clinical studies to date. That makes it the most well-researched vaginal laser procedure now available, which is why so many women are curious to learn more about how it can help improve their vaginal health.

Contact Dr. Ogden today to schedule an appointment to explore the possibilities available through the MonaLisa Touch system.